Submitted by joe birchler on 11/21/99. ( birchler@psci.net )

while capping out a whitetail I had the weirdest thing happen. A bug about 1 inch long and the diameter of a pencil came crawling out the nostrel. After looking closer there was another one on the other side inside the nosrel?? They had a sucker type head on them. has anyone got an Idea of what they are?? The head was put in a walk in cooler about 3 hours after it was shot and kept at 34 degrease till I started on it 4 days later. any ideas??

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Me too

This response submitted by Bob Mead on 11/21/99. ( meadtaxidermy@yahoo.com )


I know someone more knowledgable than myself will know what these little critters are called, but rest assured that it is a completely normal occurance. When I lived in south Texas, at least 50% of the whitetails I did had them...I moved to New Mexico, and guess what? Mulies here also have them! I have been told that they will slowly crawl up the nasal passage and upon reaching the brain will kill the animal. This may be purely speculative, but it makes a good campfire story for the young 'uns!

Botfly Larvae

This response submitted by George Roof on 11/21/99. ( georoof@aol.com )

Sounds a lot like the botfly larvae. As kids we called them "wolves" or "screw worms". They are found in squirrels all the time. Occasionally they will enter an antler in velvet. Those that escape before the antler hardens leave a nasty crater that deforms the antler. Others are not as lucky and you may find an antler with a hrad bubble with a breathing hole where the larvae died inside the hardened antler. The nasal passage is the easiest place for the fly to bite and lay eggs, but I've found them in other places on deer. They don't go to the brain like "The Revenge of Khan" on Startrek. They are just nasty parasites that have been know to infect humans the same way.

Not a nice discussion over Thanksgiving dinner, however.


This response submitted by Marc on 11/22/99. ( HedStufR@aol.com )

I'm not sure guys if it's the same thing,but when I was stationed in Panama with the Army we also had a rather disgusting little worm that would infest just about anything it was laid in. I seen a German Sheppard which had to have literally dozens of these nasty worms scooped out of it's hip with a spoon.That wasn't quite as gross as a friend who had one on the top of his head, which would poke it's head out and look around until you blew on it,then it would suck itself back in his head.It was entertaining for a little while to say the least,then he had it removed.They called them Tetsi Fly larvae there may be the same thing I'm not sure but man are they gross. Especially when they are in people.Happy Thanksgiving ya'll !

Lung Worms

This response submitted by Bryan on 11/23/99. ( Packmule@flash.net )

What you describe is a lung worm. They infect the respritory tract
of all deer and most wild grazing mammals.

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