Jeff Foxworthy "Incomplete Deer Hunter Video"

Submitted by Turtle on 11/22/99. ( )

Has anyone watched "The Incomplete Deer Hunter" by Jeff Foxworthy?

If you have not, you need to if you need a good laugh. The whole video is satire about deer hunting with a lot of redneck stereo typical stuff. There is a segment about a guy trying to get his deer head back from a taxidermist. It's funny if you realize it's satire. It's not funny for us if people don't realize it's satire. Some people will probably get the idea that all taxidermists are like the one on the video. I didn't see any disclaimers on the video explaining that it was all just humor and not to take any of it serious.

I don't really think it will hurt business any, but I have heard several comments from people stating "That's the way most taxidermists operate." What did you all think?

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Not to Worry

This response submitted by George Roof on 11/22/99. ( )

With Jeff Foxworthy headlining the tape, anyone with over 12 gray cells of brain matter knows it's comic relief. In this world of politically correct BS, you will never "idiot proof" anything. Those ""some people think taxidermists are reall like that" already think that hunters are the way the tape depicts them. No amount of educating will make them any smarter. They are sure we are yahoos who kill Bambi (Walt Disney told them so. He also told them mice and ducks talk, but they don't get that analogy either.) When I hear that, I think of Sir Anthony Hopkins words in the "Legends of the Fall" about the internal revenue. "Skwewum!" Enjoy the tape.

Saw it

This response submitted by BigD on 11/22/99. ( )

Bought the tape at Wal-Mart today. Very Funny, lots of laughs. I would Highly recommend it to anyone. My favorite part is when Jeff and another actor are dressed up in deer costumes and hold their herd meetings.

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