Frustration has a question!?!?!?

Submitted by Tony on 11/22/99. ( )

Trying to do the finish work on a whitetail earlier tonight and got totally frustrated and
decided to call it quits for the night. Here are my problems and hopefully someone out there
can help me. First, my Lifetone hydro-mist paints will not mix. The pigment is settled on
the bottom of the bottle and will not mix. I tried to mix it with a long paint brush handle
with no success. I have rich brown and burnt sienna and they are exactly the same color because
the pigment will not mix with the rest of the paint! I can see that they should be different colors
by the colors at the bottom of the bottles, but what should be and what is are two totally different
things! Any suggestions?!?

Second, when I try to paint with my airbrush, the paint is so thin that it goes on and beads up and
blows off in different directions from the air. This is beginning to become very frustrating. I am
seriously considering going to a brush from now on due to all the problems I have when trying to
airbrush. I think some of the problem is with the paint being as thin as water due to the fact
that all of the thick pigment is stuck to the bottom of the bottle. I have a Vega airbrush and am
really wondering if I made a mistake when I bought it. Please help.


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not the air brush

This response submitted by frank on 11/23/99. ( )

Not sure why your paint doesn't mix, but sounds like it may of been frozen. Or you could have a bad bunch of paint. It can happen, I got some blood red and it was as thick as mollasses. I just thin it down before using. And being the paint isn't mixed right will cause you the problems your having.
I would get some knew paint, try the paints WASCO sells polytranspar, and wildlife colors. Both work real well.

lifetone paint

This response submitted by mike on 11/23/99. ( )

Pigments will settle in water based acrylics that are not used and shaken
often enough.
To re-mix, set bottles in a pan of warm water for a few
minutes and then shake vigorously until pigment is evenly
If the bottle is clear full you may have trouble getting
good action when shaking, preventing good mixture- if that's
the case, pour 1/4 of the liquid in a clean container, shke
bottle until well mixed, return liquid to bottle and shake
As prevention for this problem you can try to remember to
go through your paints once a week and shake them all, it
only takes a minute.


Thanks for the advice, Mike.....

This response submitted by Tony on 11/23/99. ( )

I will try that tomorrow and see if it will work. I didn't think about that.


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