antler mounts

Submitted by Alan on 12/6/99. ( )

This is a pretty basic question for this forum, I suppose. I want to mount a few of the racks I have and I am looking for some simply step by step instructions and materials. Cutting out the plaque I can handle, but I need tips on attachment and covering the skull (caps, etc.?). I have no experience in taxidermy. If this has already been covered here maybe someone can lead me in the right direction. I've had antlers mounted for me in the past but I would like to try it myself.

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Instructions and Materials

This response submitted by Ken Edwards on 12/6/99. ( )

For an antler mount kit, go here:

For an antler mount video, go here:
or here:

For more information on the forums, go here:

Good luck!


This response submitted by JEEP on 12/7/99. ( )

For a new, state of the art, hi relief, inexpensive, do it your self, in 10 min. EZ ANTLER MOUNT call 800-978-2467 for brochure.This is a new product that is about to offered directly by the manfacturer.We hope to be linked to Taxidermy.Net when web page is finished.Anyone else interested may also call or email us for a brochure at THANKS, Bill

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