Torn Ear???

Submitted by Tony on 12/6/99. ( )

I was turning the ears on a deer Saturday and ran into some problems. One of the ears had a bad spot on the back of the ear and in the process of turning it the skin tore. I also have a tear in the cartlidge side of the ear. I am using the bonded ear method and I am wondering what is the best way to repair the ear. I was thinking on using zap a gap on the cartlidge side, since I have some structure there to help it hold and sewing the back side as it will not be visible anyway. Does anyone have a better idea?


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earliners are looking REAL good now...

This response submitted by Bill on 12/6/99. ( )

Tony, now might be a good time to try a pair of earliners. You'd see why so many of us use them instead of bondo. I see almost half of my deer heads here having splits due to fighting or rubbing and damaging the ear. You just open the damaged part where it healed and insert the liner with the adhesive in the normal way, and then trim the extra part of the liner thats still exposed. I would use epoxy to repair damaged edges over super glues as they will hold longer. Keep reading on, as Im sure there will be many suggestions from those who use bondo like you do. Good luck to you.

Dittos on earliners

This response submitted by KeithV on 12/6/99. ( )

Tony, I do use the Bondo ear method and small repairs can be made
by glueing a thin shaving of skin to the inside of the ear to keep the bondo from leaking out, but I always have a couple pair of earliners on hand for those battle torn ears that are in bad shape.
Earliners are the best route to go on these guys.
Best regards, KeithV

Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets...

This response submitted by Lianne on 12/6/99. ( )

...also work well as patches. Apply a small piece with super glue.

ear repair

This response submitted by ron vincent on 12/7/99. ( )

Here is another method to try. Cut a piece of surgical glove an glue it over the tear.

Thanks, everyone........

This response submitted by Tony on 12/7/99. ( )

for your help on this problem.


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