"Real Ears" and formaldahyde????

Submitted by jj's taxidermy on 11/23/99. ( )

I am considering using "real ears" by technaglue, but I am concerned about the formaldahyde content. Is this stuff safe to have in my house. Im intrigued by the product but wonder if it will harm me or my fgamily down the road. My shop has an exhaust fan. As long as im talking ears, how much clay do you folks use when using an earliner with earbuts already on, do those buts need trimming for different poses?

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not to worry...

This response submitted by Pacemakr on 11/24/99. ( jfwagner@hereintown.net )

Lots of products, including Technaglu hide paste, has formaldahyde and seems to be perfectly safe. I don't even see need to vent the room, unless you don't like the smell. And... earliners with ear butts don't need trimmed. Just watch your reference materals for the correct tilt. Use critter clay where the ear butts meet the head form just to cover the seam. Good earliners should be correct otherwise.

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