Altering a manikin

Submitted by Gary on 12/8/99. ( )

My Question is this, I want to take a manikin and change the position in which the head is tilted. For example a semi-sneak deer form, I would like to have the head tilted as if the buck was rubbing a tree.
Any suggestions??? What type of manikin remodeling has to be done?

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This response submitted by Frank on 12/8/99. ( )

When altering a manikin look at reference. This will show you how it turns and the position you need.
Now as far as the manikin think of it as the real skelition that has a spinal colum in it and make mutiple wedge cuts in the manikin to turn it to the position you need. It can be as few as 3 to as many as 8 or more.
I would suggest you contact Breakthrough mag. Check with them on what issuse covers manikin altering. This will aid you on how cuts should be made if your confused. But remember it's really not that hard to alter after you know some basic bone structure.

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