Antler Prep??

Submitted by chris on 12/8/99. ( )

Just wondering if there is a alternative to buying sal soda or some other brand to boil the antler plate. I thought maybe there is something I might could pick up around home that would be easier to get and maybe cheaper too. Thanks

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Cleaning skull plates

This response submitted by Todd B on 12/8/99. ( )

Go to the grocery store and get Arm and Hammer super washing soda. It
That is what I saw in one of the Suppliers catalogs as sal soda.

Todd B


This response submitted by Turtle on 12/8/99. ( )

I just use Dawn dish soap and a little salt in the water. Boil em for about an hour then let them cool, then scrape and brush off all the meat and membranes.


This response submitted by CRITTER on 12/8/99. ( )

I strictly use SAL SODA to clean every set. Use caution when trying other methods because boiling them too hot or too long will weaken and disolve the bone! I wouldn't boil them for any longer than 20 minutes, if you clean most of it off before boiling it won't take long.

Sodium Carbonate

This response submitted by Pacemakr on 12/8/99. ( )

I use only Sal Soda, but the ratio for sodium carbonate is 5 gallons of water to 1/4 cup of sodium carbonate, boil for 30 minutes. That's how the skull is boiled down, I hear.

What is the purpose of boiling?

This response submitted by Paul on 12/9/99. ( ? )

Is the pupose of boiling just to remove the tissue? All I have ever done is cut most of the meat off and then after the skull plate dried completely,with a little help from some borax or salt, I just grind the rest off with my dremel and a carbide bit. This takes all of ten minutes. wrong or right it works fine for me.



This response submitted by Critters on 12/9/99. ( )

The reason I always boil every set is that if you look closely at a skull plate in the front there are little fat deposits in the pores. Be it absoluely necessary? Who knows, but I think it's just another way to ensure no bug problems in the future. You be your own judge.

Me Too Paul

This response submitted by George Roof on 12/9/99. ( )

SHOCKING, me the horn boiler, never boils the skull or antlers. Why, as Paul said. This ain't sheep or Charlait cow heads we're talking. This is deer, lean, mean. I use a scalpel and remove all the meat possible and hang them on the rack. A year(more or less I hope), I get them ready to mount by taking a wire wheel to what residual there is. We ain't got bone bugs here yet, though I'm sure there are some on the way from somewhere. I worry more about the cape attracting varmints than the antlers.

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