Hide pulling from burr

Submitted by TL on 12/8/99. ( )

HIdes are sometimes pulling slightly from the burr of the antlers. I am using Magic Smooth.
Any other suggestions???

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This response submitted by CRITTER on 12/8/99. ( crttrs99@palacenet.net )

Sounds like maybe you need to shave the scalp a little thinner. I try to shave mine down as thin as possible, if not the skin has more power to pull away.
Also might want to be sure and get plenty of good hide paste, I use only Buckeye Supreme, the better the glue the better the adhesion.
You didn't specify where it's pulling away at so it's hard to say what the problem is...glue, antler placement, hide to thick,etc.
Tried to help.


This response submitted by Pacemakr on 12/8/99. ( jfwagner@hereintown.net )

If it look like the hide will separate from the pedicles and slip down, try ZAP glue. Works for me. Most importantly, as Critter said, make sure the hide's as thin as can be. The flesh won't shrink if it's not there.

Another suggestion

This response submitted by John M on 12/8/99. ( maddenj@lafarge.k12.wi.us )

Think about this. When you cape out the head and remove it
around the antler burrs. Look how thick the skin, pretty
thick. Once you shave it thin it gets bigger.I also take
a dremmal tool with a 1/2 in. drum sander attached and shave
it even more when I'm prepping to mount it. Get some epoxy
sculpt or something similar and put a small finger size
role around the burr and feather it out. This should take
up the excess skin.It also makes it more like it was.
And a good hide paste also helps.
Good luck
John M.

Measure, measure, measure

This response submitted by Kenneth on 12/9/99. ( bauman@caddoelectric.net )

All the above suggestion are good ones, but they seem to forgot one. The antlers have to be place on the form exactly the way they were removed from the skull. Take all kinds of measurements to make sure you get the antlers on the form in the correct spot. If the antlers are set wrong, it will throw the whole mount off. Don't alway trust the mannikin company. Check reference for how they align. One of the more popular companies is impossible to get aligned without alterations. Good Luck.

another idea

This response submitted by craig on 12/9/99. ( )

another method including all of the above is that i drill small holes around the pedical then when the hide is set tap nails into the holes.if they are brass etc they can be sniped of or just pull out when dry.it works fine for deer with long pedicals,hope ive helped

You nailed it Craig.

This response submitted by Jim Tucker on 12/9/99. ( bigjims@wilkshire.net )

No glue/epoxy works every time. I have found that the only sure way is to keep it up is to nail it. Sounds crude but it works. I always use a good adhesive along with the nails.

I think Ken NAILED it.

This response submitted by George Roof on 12/9/99. ( georoof@aol.com )

Though I nail my "weird" animals along with moose and elk, I think the real cure is what Ken mentioned. I've found one critical measurement that seems to reduce the shrinkage from the burr is a measurement from the base of the burr to the center of the eyeball. If you have the antlers too far rearward, the preorbital gland will hold the eye in place, but something/someplace has to give. That something/someplace is the antler burr. I shave thin, rebuild the pedicel, epoxy the hide, but before I do, I recheck that measurement from the head before caping it out.

Antler placement on the manniken IS critical. If it is too far, the burs show shrinkage, if it is too close, the ears end up having a bunched up hide in front of them and often have too much interference from the antlers. Just because it fits the manniken doesn't cut it.

Tie the burr

This response submitted by JJ's taxidermy on 12/10/99. ( )

Lets see if I can eplain what I do. I run a stitch in and out of the hide around the burr. I start at one side off the incision and then finsh at the other. I leave long tag ends of cape thread at eac end This is Done before mounting. Now when u mount, pull those tage end TIGHT and tie off. This snuggs the hide around the burr like snugging up a shoe . If u combine this with a roll of epoxy or use epoxy hide paste u should be fine.

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