Deer Toe Jam!

Submitted by Doug on 11/25/99. ( )

Doing a half size deer mount when taking the leg bone out what do you do to keep the toes on is there a nuckle above the toe you cut out?? any help would be grateful thanx.

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This response submitted by Frank on 11/26/99. ( BASSWTROUT@AOL.COM )

Yes if you skin down to the toes you will see a joint there. Thats where you cut it off.


This response submitted by George Roof on 11/26/99. ( )

As Frank said, there is a joint, but I never cut the hide down that far. If you have a curved blade fish shear, it works great in this area. I just cut down past the interdigital gland on the back side without cutting it. Then I take the shears and force them on top of the hoof where I snip the tenons and ligaments holding it. Bend the hoof forward, and the joint will snap open. Then clip the remaining tissue and save yourself some stitching.

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