cape tape? how well does it work?

Submitted by dave a on 11/26/99. ( )

i've been seeing this cape tape to do sew repairs and was wondering if any good results out there? is it used to repair cuts only or is it possible to use on the closing seam ? any results would be appreciated.

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I wouldn't

This response submitted by Pacemakr on 11/26/99. ( )

Dave, I was hoping someone would answer who actually knew the answer, but I'll guess... I'd say it's used for small repairs only, which I'd sew anyway. My guess would be that there's no way it would hold a seam. There's a lot depending on a good sew job that can't be duplicated (yet). There are many gimmicks in the market.

lost at sea!

This response submitted by dave on 11/30/99. ( davejona @ )

why would a co. try to sell you something that doesn't work. they claim such good results in thier ad. isn't this false adv.?

Don't Buy it

This response submitted by Steve on 12/3/99. ( )

I bought some cape tape with great expectations. However they forgot to tell us that you can only use it on a dried cape. I do my repairs after soaking up the cape and then the cape tape doesn't stick. Use needle and thread.

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