Trouble with noses

Submitted by Chad on 11/26/99. ( )

I have been having trouble with getting the cartilage out of the deer noses without cutting holes in the skin. Just wondering what some of you all do to remove the cartilage?


Chad (

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This response submitted by Art on 11/26/99. ( )

Practice Chad Practice. I cut a hole inside the nostril once in a while too,
But nothing you can't fix. Not much help, but that's about it.

we all do it

This response submitted by Scott on 11/26/99. ( )

Art is right we all still do it now and again
your finger is your best method use your finger on the outside of the nose you can feel your scalpel blade and after a while you will catch on by the feeling of the blade.
repairs work is a key to taxidermy work!!
Good luck

aim the blade...

This response submitted by Pacemakr on 11/27/99. ( )

Yea, my fingers are shredded too, but you can minimize the damages by running your blade (I use a scalpel) along the nose skin with a slight angle upward, as to cut the meat instead of the skin. Never relax! Watch the angle of the knife and you'll master it quickly. One or two degrees makes a big difference. Works with ears too. Anyone got a bandaid?

Try a skife knife

This response submitted by Z on 11/27/99. ( )

Try using a skife knife. If you get a good one they work great. By that I mean one with the right pitch. I have 2 one has the right pitch to it and works great the other has abit to much and isnt worth a darn. Use it on with a benchtop fleshing beam (made out of 1 X 2) or a fleshing horn.

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