How to make hole in w/t neck look like flesh

Submitted by Garry on 11/27/99. ( )

Mounting buck with hole in neck where he was shot. Customer wants to leave
hole, making it look of wounded flesh. Having problem with what color
of paints to start with. Any suggestions?

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This response submitted by George Roof on 11/27/99. ( )

This is a bad practice to start with. (I KNOW, I've heard it all before), but many taxidermists get a bad name for producing such kind of work. If you look at the NTA competition rules, there's a clause in work entered that is considered "not in good taste" and how it is not displayed.

I have too much respect for an animal to create such macabre depictions as dripping bullet holes and arrows through the neck. Eight percent of all people do not hunt and have little feelings either way about the sport, but just start tugging at heart strings and see what happens in this politically correct world. It's like carting your deer through town strapped on the bumper.

I just tell my customers that I'd be delighted to mount their animal in all it's lifelike splendor. Any projection of a status less than that has to go someplace else.

Well said!

This response submitted by Pacemakr on 11/28/99. ( )

George, I applaud you! I, too, will not do the bird flipping the finger, the squirrels playing golf, or anything to lower the dignity of the animal or my profession. I usually don't comment on someone's business, but a bullet hole would include the horror in the deer's eyes, and would push a non-hunter to anti-hunter status in about 2 seconds. I would just say no to the job. You don't have to do what you don't want to, that's why we work for ourselves. I consider that I make the taken animal immortal and proud. I don't even encourage taking an animal just to get the mount. I'd prefer to think of my work as one more step in using every part, and not throwing anything away.

I'm with you guys

This response submitted by Doug M. on 11/28/99. ( )

I refuse to do any mount that is disrespectful to the animal. If a customer doesn't like that I show them the door. This is a subject that ruffles my feathers quite a bit. The customer usually understands that very well as they are leaving. There are some things I believe strongly in and if it costs me business I don't care. I just wish all taxidermists shared our opinion on this.

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