Best Deer Head Mounting Kit?

Submitted by Miranda on 11/27/99. ( )

I have a very nice 9 point buck I would like to mount. I have no taxidermy supplies or equipment to speak of. Which company offers the best beginners kit for mounting a deer head? I would rather order a complete kit than try to order all the supplies/tools separately. I want a kit that will suply me with everything (or almost everything) I need to do a good quality mount. Also, when deciding on the correct sized manikin and your deer is between sizes, do you go with the larger one or the smaller one? When measuring the neck, should the head and neck form a 90 degree angle when taking the measurement? I first got a measurement of 18", but that was when he was "streched out". I brought the head down to come straight out from the neck and I got a measurement of 20". I assume the 20" is the more accurate one.

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Find A Professional

This response submitted by Taxidermy Wife on 11/30/99. ( )

If you want a good quality mount - go to a good quality taxidermist! There are many out there. The National Taxidermist Association certifies taxidermists based on their quality of work. Let a professional do it.


This response submitted by Chad on 12/1/99. ( )

Try WASCO kits. They have a complete assembly of you'll need and they have good service. You'll have to excuse the billigerent idiot that from above that doesn't feel the amateur can handle it. Have fun!!

sorry about that

This response submitted by viewnature on 1/16/00. ( )

I have used the kits from vandykes and WASCO both were easy. You will meet very good people in this bussines,but some are rude and crude as you have seen. Please don't judge us all by the actions of a few.
good luck

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