Bald Ears

Submitted by Scott on 12/12/99. ( )

I live in the south and have a lot of problems with the backs
of the ears being bald. The skin is "very" thin.(looks like
flies been eating on them.)Every time I turn the ears on them,
they tear. Any suggestions on what to do to stop the skin from
tearing would be greatly helpful.

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This response submitted by Lianne on 12/12/99. ( )

You just can't hardly turn those ears with mechanical ear opener. Remember that just because you read it, or saw a video, or an expert told you it was so, or you have a tool made for a particular use, it sure doesn't mean that that is THE way. Dip your fingers in a little borax for grip and turn them by hand. You may have to use an exacto to "unstick" it here and there. Good luck and happy turning!

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