Is it possible to finish deer ears without paint

Submitted by Todd Buchanan on 11/28/99. ( )

I was wondering how to do a deer or other gameheads ears without having
to use paint. Is there a way to do them so the pink color of Eppley
earliners show through? I just have trouble with painting the ears without
them looking painted.
I appreciate all the help or input I can get.

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color the glue...

This response submitted by Pacemakr on 11/28/99. ( )

I use plastic earliners adhered with Magic Smooth (any "smooth" ear glue will work. When you mix the 2 components, drop some pink paint in with the glue until it's the right color. It'll show through.


This response submitted by Jim Tucker on 12/2/99. ( )

paints may help your problem. If you use the desired color (I prefer flesh) and spray the inner ear area. I then use a LITTLE gold toner over that. After it dries the hydromist will be easy to remove from the hair with your fingers. I believe the result to be very realistic and time effective. I know of more complicated paint schedules for this purpose but this is what I use everyday.


This response submitted by mike on 12/2/99. ( )

look a the deers ear it is not hydromist flesh color just take offwhite and but just a couple of drops of flesh color to give it a little darker tint


This response submitted by Jim Tucker on 12/3/99. ( )

The inner ear skin is NOT off white on whitetail deer. I think you have been looking at too many dead deer ears. Take a look at good close up reference photos like those from Buckeye Mannnikins or Ronnie Galliard. Especially take the time to look at the short haired deer so you can really see the color of the skin. You will see that there is a definate flesh color to the skin. Besides hydromist flesh color is not PINK and after you apply the gold toner it is even less so!!!!!

its tough to rely on photos...

This response submitted by Bill on 12/4/99. ( ) you are then at the mercy of how they choose to print the photo, as in color values and saturations, etc. My live deer tell me that most show at least SOME color in almost ALL seasons, even though many on this forum have argued this point in the past. I like a "pink" value over a flat flesh tone, but its definitely just a hint of pigment, not the solid color I used to think was correct in years past...

Thanks to all of you

This response submitted by Todd Buchanan on 12/4/99. ( trigger@indy,net )

Thank you all for your input. I do agree with the flesh color of whitetail ears. I have seen it my self on
live deer as well as freshly killed deer.


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