Best way to tuck the LIP?????

Submitted by Pete on 12/14/99. ( )

My question is, when tucking the lip of a deer, what size drill bit would you use for a tight fit. Can anyone give me short version on the way to get a nice tight fit and a natural bulge in the upper lip line??
Or what do you do different for competition?

Any response would be much appreciated!

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tucking the lip

This response submitted by Todd B on 12/14/99. ( )

I do not use a drill bit or dremel when making my lip slot. I do not
like the big slot it makes. Instead I use a knife and just cut along
the lip line just like you would with a drill bit. The natural action
of the foam contracting back together holds the lips very tight.

Todd B

Lip Tucking

This response submitted by steve on 12/14/99. ( )

I agree with Todd B, cutting the lip slot with a drill bit can enlarge the lip slot to the point that it may not hold the skin.
I use my lip tucking tool at a 45 degree angle to create the lip
slot, I also use good adhesive in this area to further ensure that
the lip - mouth area stays were a want it. Hope this helps.


Drill Bit Size

This response submitted by Jason on 12/14/99. ( )

Pete - I've always used a 7/16" drill bit to dremel out the lip slot, without any problems. If you want to be safe, drop down to the next size bit, and use sandpaper to enlarge slowly. Hope this helps!

lip tuck

This response submitted by Carl on 12/15/99. ( )

I agree with the others .. just use a tucking tool or a small screwdriver to make the lip slot
also I believe that a 7/16 drill would be just a tad large ....... maybe a 7/64 would be more in line if you want to drill it ...good luck!

Finger nail file

This response submitted by Tom K. on 12/20/99. ( )

I use an old finger nail file to push a slot around the lip. The thickness of the file is just right so as not to make the slot to big, or you can grind down a butter knife and make a good tool out of it. But.........If the lips on the deer are not shaved down enough they may not tuck well this way. The lips need to be thin. I use a tucking tool I bought from WASCO to tuck the lips(I don,t have a cataloge with me or I,d give you the order #)The tool is round, comeing to a point on the end and is curved on one side (The other side is sort of shaped like a spoon makeing a good sculpturing tool). I use the thickest part of the first mentioned side to push the skin in to the slot and pulling the tool up and out. I hope that makes since, cause I got my-self confused just trying to explain it.........Good Luck......Tom

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