Can't get enough stretch in my capes

Submitted by LH on 12/15/99. ( )

Hey guys. Here's the problem: On several capes this past season, when I got them back from the tannery, they had lost some size in the circumference of the neck. I expected to regain it with rehydrating and sweating, but it didn't happen. I tried adding Hide Relax-R to my rehydration solution, but I saw little if any benefit. This concerns me a lot cause I took in two bucks last night that the customers want the entire swell in the finished form. My rehydration solution consisted of two gallons water, 4 oz. salt per gallon and a capful of Lysol. I them added ~1.5 oz Relax-R per gallon, soaked for two hours, wrapped and bagged then put it in the fridge overnight. Did I do something wrong or is there something else I can do?

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Try this....

This response submitted by Lars on 12/15/99. ( )

Do a test to see if you are getting properly neutralized hides. After soaking your hides ,sprinkle a hand full of baking soda on the leather side, if it sizzles, it's not totally neutralized of the tanning acids.Let it soak in, rinse in cold water, and see if you strech is back. Oh ya, don't waste any more money on Lysol, they stopped adding Phenol to it in 1995,therefore,it no longer inhibits mildew and mold .

Try Downy

This response submitted by George Roof on 12/15/99. ( )

I'm not familiar with your rehydration formula. My tannery recommended dissolving a cap full of Downy clothes softener in 5 gallons of luke warm water. Submerse the hide for 120 minute, let drip dry. When dripping stops, bag it and let it cool overnight. Next day I take my arms (I tube my hides) and put them in the tube and push it wider. Never had any trouble with stretch. If they don't stretch, check to see if they are shaved thin enough.

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