1st time attempt at tanning. help!!!!!

Submitted by Don B. on 12/16/99. ( breau6@rochester.infi.net )

I have completed 2 deer mounts using dry preservative. For a
person new to the field, they were pretty good. I now would
like to try my hand at tanning, but since i am still new to
this art and have no experience, i want it to be as simple as
possible to start out. I see there are single solutions (Liqua-
Tan and Kwik-N-Eze) and kits (EZ-100 and Rittel's Tan Kit)
i guess i am worried that i dont have the right equipment to
fully complete the process. Some say all that is not included
is salt, baking soda and water.
Can somebody help me decide on the best way to attempt this new
technique with good results and no additional suprises?
Do the kits and 1 step solutions come with easy directions that
even a rookie can complete?
Thank you

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My suggestion

This response submitted by Charles Gossett on 12/16/99. ( MARL4570@aol.com )

I would go with the EZ-100 or Lutan F, they give the same results and I use both. All you need is salt,phtester strips,water and two containers big enough to get your cape in.
They both will provide tannery type results. If you can get a couple of deer hides to test on I would suggest doing that first but the istructions are pretty straight forward.
I will warn you though, You must do exactly what they say or your chancing problems. Use the exact amount that is called for untile you get the hang of things.Oh and if not ordered in a kit you will need pickling crystals.

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