Skull plate quest..

Submitted by Holloway on 12/29/99. ( )

I have always used bondo to set the skull plate on my
forms. Just wondering about using clay...drying time,
strength, etc.??

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Skull Plate

This response submitted by George Roof on 12/29/99. ( )

I used to use potter's clay, but it never dried quickly enough for me. I use Bondo (Shocking as that may be) mixed with cabosil. I mix it cool and when the consistency is like clay, I mold it over the screwed in skull plate. I mark where the screws are and then quickly cover the entire skull with plastic wrap. This allows the a smooth surface and I can roughly form the shape of the skull through the plastic. Just as it starts to harden, I take the plastic off and carve the final detail in with a scalpel and uncover the screws. After it hardens, I rasp it to its final shape, remove the screws and pop the whole skull off. After I pull my hide with the "y" incision on the manniken, I install the skull, cover the screws with potters clay and finish my eye/ear butt work before final sewing.


This response submitted by Art on 12/30/99. ( )

What is cabosil?


This response submitted by Frank on 12/30/99. ( )

Cabosil is a thickning agent added to resins to make it thicker. You can get it through most catologs.

Skull plate quest-Cabosil

This response submitted by Larry on 12/30/99. ( )

Cabosil (a thickening agent for resins) is a brand name for fumed silica. Another brand name for the same thing is Aerosil. We carry it If you'd like a copy of our catalog, visit our web site at (guest book), or call us at 1-800-777-7916, and ask for one. Happy New Year!

bondo and sawdust

This response submitted by z on 1/2/00. ( )

We've used bondo and the old saw dust from our bird tumbler. Light weight , carves easily and is cheap.

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