cape size?

Submitted by Al on 12/29/99. ( )

A customer brought to me a deer head that he wants mounted. It is the first deer his 14 year old son ever shot. Unfortunately, he did not leave on enough cape to do a shoulder mount. Is there something I can do for him without using another cape?

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how about a neck mount.

This response submitted by John C on 12/29/99. ( )

Thats a easy thing to down grade to. Just charge the same as you would. So you may or may not make a dollar or two extra. If no neck form is available in that size you will use about the same time as a shoulder mount when you cut the board for the neck. John C

Can you modify a Manniken

This response submitted by George Roof on 12/29/99. ( )

Seems as if I get more than my share of these. I try to mount as much of the deer as possible. I "try fit" the hide on a shoulder manniken and mark it to where I can find a drop dead line. I remove the cape and saw the manniken parallel to the backboard about an inch forward of that line. I then remove the backboard and Bondo it to the shortened form. Using a scroll saw, I cut the plywood backboard to fit.

Many times you still have the impression of a full shoulder mount without having that stubby "neck form" look. Though I should charge more for having to do the extra work, I seldom do. I'm a sucker for the "kid's first deer" lines even when the kid is old enough to be my old man.

NO Neck Mounts

This response submitted by Old Fart on 12/29/99. ( )

I've never seen a neck mount that didn't look like crap.
I charge an EXTRA $75 for neck mounts over shoulder mounts.
Sell him a new cape and the SHOULDER MOUNT, that way he'll
have a good looking mount and you won't have a neck mount out
there that looks like crap. When his hunting buddies ask
him "Why didn't you get a shouldermount?" He's not going to
tell them he screwed up and cut it too short. His taxidermist
is going to get the blame. Al, you are his taxidermist....

Cape size

This response submitted by Larry on 12/30/99. ( hidebeak@cpinternet )

Once again I must agree with Old Fart! Who is he anyway? One suggestion, however, if you don't take his advice and do a neck or stubby mount, make sure the antlers will allow the mount to be hung. Through the years, I've had a few characters who wanted me to mount animals that had big racks, and capes that they had cut short, VERY SHORT! I pointed out to them that I could do the mount, but they'd have to chop a hole in their wall so they could hang it. Take Old Fart's advice. Happy New Year!

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