Deer feet left or right?????

Submitted by Scotty on 12/18/99. ( )

I had a customer ask if you coud tell the difference between the right deer foot and the left deer foot.
Its a good question
Here's my guess
The outer toe (hoof) would be bigger allowing the deer to pivot if the toe on the left is bigger that would be the right foot!!
does that sound right.
I dont know just a shot in the dark
What do you guys and gals think

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Deer feet

This response submitted by George Roof on 12/18/99. ( )

Tell the customer the one on the left side of the gun rack is the left foot and the one on the right is the right, no matter which one it is.

Your explanation sounds good, but it could work just the opposite too. I'll bet you, right now, Bill Yox is out in his pen checking them out, and since I'm writing this, he'll just have to put an insult of two in here for me. I still love ya, Bill. LOL

Had me scratching my head

This response submitted by Scotty on 12/18/99. ( )

I kinda chuckled to myself at the question when it was asked.
But then it got the best of me.
Its one of those things that kinda make you think a bit....... lol


This response submitted by DANNY on 12/18/99. ( )

All tastes the same to me, throw in a bit of barley, onion, carrot.....

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