Submitted by Bill Barker on 12/30/99. ( )

First let me say....HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE.

What do most of you use, that mount several deer, to brighten the dull finish on antlers? Some antlers are very dull in color, but I don't want to use a stain that would make them look too shiney or artificial in color. I know there are several stains on the market, is there one that is natural in color that will brighten and clean the finish?

Thanks...everyone's help will be most appreciated.

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Liquid Gold

This response submitted by Brad on 12/30/99. ( )

Try SCOTT'S LIQUID GOLD ---It seems to work well without any coloring or discolering

I Second That

This response submitted by PaulB on 12/30/99. ( )

Scott's Liquid Gold is what your looking for. I found out about it from one of the most respected deer taxidermists in the world. So give it a try, I'm sure you'll be more than happy with the results.


I third that

This response submitted by Carmen on 12/30/99. ( )

Bill, I use Liquid Gold too but you may also want to try Johnsons Paste wax. It works great also.

i forth that

This response submitted by mike on 12/31/99. ( )

liquid gold

why is it always ME...

This response submitted by Bill on 12/31/99. ( )

I cant fifth that, as I dont do it. Up here the deer dont rub thier antlers on ANY of the popular furniture products...ha ha ha! I like to leave then natural. Things like WD-40 and all that other stuff seem to attract more dust and grime in the long run. I prefer the natural look, one vote. See yas.

I agree with Mr. Yox.....

This response submitted by Kenneth on 12/31/99. ( )

Those shining antlered bucks are not in this part of the U.S. either. Natural is the way to go. Good Luck.

Determined by Nature

This response submitted by Leanna on 12/31/99. ( )

Natural. I like that best too. Heck, deer won't even come under the stands if you spray liquid gold on a branch and LURE them to polish their antlers.

Nix on dull antlers

This response submitted by Lars Jensen on 12/31/99. ( )

Try Future Floor Wax, liquid, apply with a small sponge to bring out nice color.Then wipe dry with a paper towel to leave a slightly -better - than - dull appearance.It has no lasting odor,does'nt yellow ,and if anyone does'nt like it, it comes off with acetone to reveal the "actual-dullness" back again.I've had more positive comments on the way it livens -up the color.

Ken and Leanna...

This response submitted by Bill on 1/2/00. ( )

...are your deer antlers dull? Ours are pretty glossy all by themselves. I still wouldnt coat them, but many guys will. Hope you guys had fun with this, no hard feelings, please!

Not in Minnesota!

This response submitted by Leanna on 1/2/00. ( )

I've noticed that the bucks shine up their own antlers on trees with their own glandular secretions. It's not a dull finish at's a very slight and natural gloss.

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