Should they fit?

Submitted by Doug Seibert on 12/19/99. ( )

I have ordered 2 whitetail capes that are 24" when measured 3 inches below the ears. I am going to order 2 mannikins from McKenzie for the capes. Which mannikins SHOULD fit the capes....7 1/4 x 19 1/2 x 21 x 24...........OR 8 x 22 x 24 x 27?????????????

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This response submitted by George Roof on 12/19/99. ( )

On what your total measurements were from the uncaped deer. I pay the most attention to the "D" measurement. It used to be the "C" and its right under the chin up tight behind the ears. Most customers want deer all puffed up, and sometimes you get caught in this. The "A" measurement is important, but not critical as you can cheat 1/2 inch shorter sometimes. That "D" however, will smoke you and the brisket will have to come up under the Adams Apple if you fudge on it. Eight inch "A's" are few and far between. I'd go with the shorter none and get the form in the "Full Rut" design.

Wait for the capes and

This response submitted by Craig Rusin on 12/19/99. ( )

soak them up to insure they are indeed what you have been told they are.

Then refer to pg. 48 of McKenzie's 25 aniversary catalog. Follow these directions and you shouldn't have much of a problem. The A, B, C and D measurements are explained in simple terms.

Try to get an "A" measurement(nose to eye) with your tape as the cape is laying flat. My suggestion is to order by the "B" measurement and alter the face if needed,you could also order a change out head as an option although I like cutting and foaming. It is always easier to lengthen the face than shorten it, my opinion.

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