Antlers Without Capes

Submitted by Joe on 12/31/99. ( )

I recently received a 8 pointer and the cape was ruined. It's a good size antler base. My question is how to determine the right size cape I need to fit. Especially around the antler base.

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Forget it.

This response submitted by Jim Tucker on 12/31/99. ( )

You need to judge what cape you need by the neck size. I have found antler size to be of little consequence when doing a remount. Un less the antlers are WAY smaller then the originals you can make it work. In your case you may have to enlarge the openings as you say the antlers have large bases. WARNING!! When you go to mount the cape do a test fit before doing any cutting, I have found that it is rarely necessary to alter the opening. It just may take some creative sewing. Get a cape that will look good size wise and mount away!!

Good Answer

This response submitted by Tom K. on 12/31/99. ( )


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