Competition Question for the Experts!

Submitted by Gary on 12/19/99. ( )

Can I use a Preset eye manikin for competition, or will the judges
frown on this? And if I did use the preset eyes would altering the manikin help? I have never set my own eye's yet, and have done many mounts with the preset eye's and really like them. Is there anything wrong with just using thes forms??

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Use good reference...

This response submitted by Craig Rusin on 12/19/99. ( )

material( pictures, castings, the real thing?) and portray the species in the position and attitude that pre-set eyes were intended and you shouldn't have a problem. The main thing that judges look for in competitions is the fine detail. They have flashlights( the kind the police shine in your eyes when they pull you over at night) and magnifying glasses. Paint on glass eyes, epoxy not blended well, paint not blended well, eyes lacking detailed features, eyelid shrinkage to name a few are what they look for.

Commercial forms are ok too. Make sure it fits the cape and don't stretch it. No 23 inch swelled necks with a 20 inch cape. Is that really possible? For your first mount just keep it simple, no rubbing trees or fighting bucks. That's where you will run into problems with pre-set eyes. Any alterations you might make be sure to capture on film for the judge and present with your piece. I think Bill Yox will even agree with me on that one.

Bill anything to add??

This response submitted by Gary on 12/19/99. ( )

Thanks Craig for the great info.
Does anyone else have any input??

Competition questions

This response submitted by Larry on 12/20/99. ( )

Good response from Craig. I second what he said! He mentioned getting the paint off eyes. Clean eyes are one of the keys. Don't forget fingerprints, on eyes and on fur. Helpers at various shows are generally careful when placing your mounts, but some carelessness does occur. Ask those running the competition to accompany the people doing the hanging so you can correct any problems before the mounts are judged. If you'd like a copy of our catalog, visit our web site at (guest book), or call 1-800-777-7916 and ask for one. Happy Holidays!

Now Im in a sticky position...

This response submitted by Bill on 12/20/99. ( )

...because I dont really agree with all that was said. Craig is a nieghbor of mine, from the next road over, and Ive known Larry G for years, too. But for those of you who read my stuff, you'll know that I like to tell guys to let it all hang out. Go ahead and do those specialty poses. We must do what the customer likes all day, every day. When its time to compete and be creative, just do it. I DO know what Craig is saying, though, about not biting off more than you can chew at the stage you are at. I dont judge with the perverbial magnifying glass, but you sure could clean those eyes up, as both these guys have said. I just answered a similar post the same way...keep it natural and CONVINCING. Make me believe that this mount really could be alive. It should be accurate from inside the nostrils and around the eyelids, as well as 4 or 5 feet away. It needs to have that alive look. I personally dont use pre set eyes, as I am then assuming that they are in there correctly, and that the foam didnt distort, etc. Go ahead and learn how to set and focus eyes, THEN enter them and see what else you can learn from your experience. Between the three of us, I think we have given you some sound advice.

Thank you ALL!!

This response submitted by Gary on 12/23/99. ( )

A BIG Thanks to Craig,Larry and Bill, I'll use your information and give a whirl. Since I've found this site my mounts have improved
many times over, much appriciated!!!

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