Cut a Hole .....Now What??

Submitted by chris on 12/19/99. ( )

I just finished fleshing my first deer to mount. While final fleshing I cut a small hole under the lower lip skin( in the white hair)about the size of a pencil eraser. Now my question is do I sew the hole before mounting or wait and use hide nails to fix it? Thanks for the help...

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what I do...

This response submitted by Pacemakr on 12/19/99. ( )

Chris, Seems I've done that before. If you sew the hole with a loop stitch using fishing line, and the knot's on the outside, you can mount it as usual, and remove the thread in a couple of days. It will hold. Or, use white thread or clear fishing line and use fine stitches, it won't show anyway.

Cut a Hole

This response submitted by Kent on 12/20/99. ( )

Chris, Seems like your not alone on this. I agree with Pacemakr, Use
the loop stitch(works very well) with waxed white dental floss makes
the repair unnoticed. I've also used this method inside the ears(in
the white hair) and works well also. Good luck, Kent

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