Whitening a deer scull

Submitted by Chris on 12/21/99. ( cpelo@uwsp.edu )

I am trying to whiten the scull of a whitetail deer in order to wall mount the scull and antlers. I have tried setting the scull in bleach but the scull has now turned yellow. Any suggestions on how to lift the yellow out? and to try to continue to whiten? Thanks for any help you can provide!

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Rebleach or

This response submitted by Frank on 12/21/99. ( basswtrout@aol.com )

You can try to rebleach it using 40% peroxide and Basic White. You can get this at Sally's beauty store or through Van Dykes.
If this fails use polytranspar bass belly white and paint it.


This response submitted by Lianne on 12/22/99. ( deerodeer@worldnet.att.net )

Laundry bleach is really hard on bone! Frank's bleach formula works well and is much less damaging. You can also use magnesium carbonate and 3% peroxide. All of these products are available from Van Dyke. If you choose to re-bleach spread the paste on the skull and put into a plastic bag to keep it from drying too fast. Myself, I would put away the bleaches at this point, go to Wal Mart, and get a can of ivory, satin, acrylic for a dollar. If you use several light coats, it will soak into the bone and leave the natural texture. It will seal it too.The big plus is that it will not yellow or change color with age.

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