Replicating a large 1/2 rack whitetail

Submitted by Mark on 12/21/99. ( )

I am a Taxidermist in the Michiana (Michigan/Indiana) area and had a customer ask if there was any options out there for duplicating the opposite side of a rack. His buck was about a 160 class buck that had broken off its right side somehow. I know replicas can be made out of an existing horn but besides getting lucky and finding a matching side, are there any other options out there?

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Replicating a 1/2 w/t rack

This response submitted by Larry on 12/21/99. ( )

I would suggest making one by modeling an epoxy modeling compound like Magic Sculp or Apoxy Sculpt over a wire armature or smaller rack that could be enlarged. If you'd like a copy of our catalog, visit our web site at (guest book), or call us at 1-800-777-7916 and ask for one. Happy Holidays.

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