heres one for the judges

Submitted by rob on 12/22/99. ( )

i want to know what your thoughts are on lips?i have seen deer and elk
mounts with there bottom lip puckering like a caribou is this right or wrong
no matter what ref. photos you look at some have it some don't whats the
call on this one thanks rob

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Either way...

This response submitted by Craig Rusin on 12/22/99. ( )

is proper. I was over visiting Bill Yox one day a couple of years ago and this particular subject came up as we were watching his buck Jasper. I always mount my whitetails with the front part of the lower lip showing.
One show I was judged by John Matthews where he commented on the proper way of positioning it so you can't see past it into the mouth. If the lip pulls away from the lower nose pad and you have done just a lip slot make sure the lip slot goes down and not straight in. He actually suggested removing the lower jaw and dremeling the inside contour of the lower lip then reattaching this and mounting.

Rob, I can say this...

This response submitted by Bill on 12/22/99. ( )

I see some deer with exposed lips, others without. What I dont like to see is a tight lip line all the way up the side, that is, until it gets to the front. Then the lip is sooo relaxed, and then, soon as we get past the nose pad, tight lip line up the other side again! Soft relaxed, slightly open, like Craig has said, or a closed lip with some exposure, or tight, all the way around. Just use your reference and good judgement. Hell, who likes those "pouting deer" anyway?


This response submitted by rob on 12/23/99. ( )

thanks you two i am planning on competing this year and that has always been a concern to me since i have been doing this for years but i always see live animals with both so i just wanted a judges answer thanks again rob

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