Horns darkened after boiling, HELP!

Submitted by Grahm on 12/22/99. ( grahm@pa.net )

I started to do a European mount on my most recent bow kill for the first time. I boiled
and boiled and most of the meat eventually came off after much work. The antlers
darkened at the base and I was just wondering what I can do to lighten them back to
original color. Also, any other additional tips on European mounts would be greatly
appreciated cause things did not go as easily as what I thought they would. Please help!

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Horns darkened ?

This response submitted by Don Davis on 12/23/99. ( davis@madbbs.com )

I have been doing European mounts for about 4 yrs and haven't had this happen. I try not to submerge antlers in the boiling water. I found that it usually lightens them. If that happens I try to match up a wood stain to try and get the coloration back to the original. To get all the particles of flesh out I use an air compressor with a long narrow 1/8 inch dia. line and very low pressure to blow out most cavaties. I have details on complete skull mounting IF you would be interested in purchasing them .( I bought them several years ago and would sell a copy for 10.00.)

Darken antlers

This response submitted by Chuck on 12/28/99. ( )

This probably came from the antlers hanging over the edge of your pot(being exposed to the heat). I use a larger size pot and that seems to help somewhat. You could also wrap some alum. foil around the antlers, from base on up. that helps in keeping the hot steam from hiting the antlers directly.

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