weathered antlers

Submitted by Tim on 12/22/99. ( )

Help! I have a customers whitetail rack that is very weathered, in fact it has a few cracks in it from being weathered. Is there a product I should seal it with before trying to stain it? Is it possible to have this rack casted? Who does this? How Much would this cost?

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consider this...

This response submitted by Pacemakr on 12/22/99. ( )

It's kind of hard to picture exactly how bad they are, but sometimes you can smear Apoxie Sculpt very thin over the rack, then thin and even it out with your finger and water. That may fill in the cracks. Then you can try to match the color. If you color the Apoxie with paint after you've mixed it, prior to applying it, it'll be easier to match. Just another idea. Good luck!

This One's For You Bill!

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I haven,t long had my computer and I haven,t long been useing the forums but I can tell you that when I first started reading these forums I didn,t even realize there was an archives until I started looking for them. Could be some of the new guys and gals might not be aware of the archives their self. Merry Xmas........Tom

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