Cape Shrinkage???

Submitted by Chris on 12/26/99. ( )

How much will a cape shrink upon measuring loose verses dry?
I'm concerned that when I purchase my form the cape may shrink to much. Should I buy one size smaller to prevent stiches from pulling out?

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This response submitted by Craig Rusin on 12/26/99. ( )

If you measured the neck meat after skinning or the open measurement(dorsal cut laying flat)and order the form by those you shouldn't have a problem. Use the "How to Measure" information on page 106 of McKenzie's catalog. Order by these instructions and use a good stitch and good cape thread when sewing. Always use a good hide paste.

The amount of shrinkage in a hide or cape depends on various factors. Properly tanned leather won't shrink as much as animal skin preserved with DP. The thinner the skin the less the shrinkage. This is why we are always told to shave the cape and then thin the detailed areas(lips, eyes, nose, ear bases). A tanned hide that is properly oiled will reduce shrinkage. Scroll down and check the archives, you'll probably find more on this.


This response submitted by Chris on 12/29/99. ( )

I measured after skinning at A-7 B-19" then after pickle {with a 6 hour drying to flesh out, my kniefe works better} after fleshing I measured and it shrunk to A-6 3/4 B17" Thanks for reminding about the archives, found a lot of good answers. 25 Years ago I did birds and Squirrels in high school my old book is is little out dated{ACID TAN}.

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