First Striper

Submitted by James on 6/29/01. ( )

Getting ready to mount my first striper.Ive done several largemouth and crappies.I need any tips or things i need to watch for on these fish.I know they do have a higher oil content on the skin.Any tips or suggestion from the pros out there will be helpful.

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This response submitted by Bill Gaither on 6/29/01. ( )

We mounted hundreds of stripers for our charter service customers. the fish ranged from ten to more than fifty pounds. The heads and the throat areas are very difficult to clean and degrease. The only tip I can give is to be very carefull about removing everything that is not necessary to the final mount's appearance. clip fins off short at the bases, degrease very thouroughly and make sure that all head muscle tissue is removed. Split the tongue base and remove as much tissue as possible. Remove the meat on the inside of the jaws, and as much as possible from the skin under the lower jaw, if you are using the head. Make sure all cartilege and fascia is either removed or shaved as thin as possible.

We mounted many stripers by the skin method until we gave up on the effort due to the labor involved. Molds were made of local fish in each year class and replicas cast and finished. When a fish was required between the year class sizes, we ordered them from supply houses.

I would suggest that molding the head and using a manninkin would be an easier path to take if you are proficient enough to do so. Striped bass are anadromous salt water fish and require a lot of effort to prepare the skin for mounting. I have used only replicas for this species since 1988. I am not aware if artificial heads are available for them. Perhaps others can help. I have a very good paint schedule I will share with you if you email me with a request for it.

Ditto Bill.

This response submitted by John C on 6/29/01. ( )

Clean, clean, clean the head some more, then clean more meat out. Pour #1 molding plaster on the tongue and repo it, then you can throw more meat away.

Matt Thompsons

This response submitted by Elmer on 6/29/01. ( )

I wouldn't mount a stripper withput an artificial head Matt Thompson has them also Hide and Beak and McKenzie and WASCO and several others. Follow all the advice above.

Freeze dry the head

This response submitted by Lance Newsome on 6/30/01. ( )

I freezed ry my heads. I order my form, and cut the head off while skinning. Get my form and cut that off with enough to position th ehead on the top of the form. Flare gills, open mouth, etc., and freezed ry it. When dry, I essemble the eyes, bondo the head onto the from and mount the fish blending the junction with the head and skin together with skulp all

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