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My dad and I are heading to Alaska in late summer to catch a few coho salmon. Any ideas how I might preserve a few to mold, or skin mount? I need to get them back to Utah. Is freezing and sending them home on dry ice my only option? should I do any work on them while we are there?

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Consider this?

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Whenever I go on a fishing trip with the possibility of getting one or more to mount, I take my skinning tools, a box of borax, and some large "freezer type" ziplock bags. All of it fits nicely in a snap-top 5 gallon bucket. On more than a few occasions I've skinned fishes on trips, rubbed on the borax, and sealed them in the bags. This is especially handy with coldwater fishes (like your coho) as their heads are removed and discarded(after measurements were taken.) The skins in bags take very little space. I've kept lake trout and brook trout for several weeks this way. It's a hang of a lot cheaper than shipping fishes in dry Now if you were to get a 40+" pike or muskie, such a monster wouldn't fit in a ziplock bag, can get the skin of a 40+ lb. HEADLESS chinook in a ziplock for sure. Works for me. Good fishing!
PS If ya got some extra room, I never been to Alaska. Cram me in and I'll skin them coho for ya for

You got it.

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I have an oversize duffle bag, we could leave one end unzipped a little for an air hole. Thanks for the advice, do I just cover both sides with the borax, and roll the skin up? If a few turn out I'll send you some.


Better be

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You should get borax on both surfaces of the skin. The cleaner you skin it the better. Should you keep anything with the head on, get the borax into all head cavities (cheeks, brain, etc.)
Rolling up or folding up the skins works. I almost always scale cohos anyway.
Hope they make a duffle bag for a 6' 4", 280 lb'
Tight lines friend!

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