dog chewed walleye tail?

Submitted by marty on 6/4/01. ( )

I have a friend that wants me to try to repair his walleye mount.
A dog chewed the top half of the tail off to where it meets the body.
it was also dropped in a move and the dorsal fin is damaged. Poor fish! Does anyone have any good reccomendations on how to fix it?
I don't know that I would be able to do an eyepleasing job of
forming each little depression by hand. Is there any way to cast a mold from the bottom half of the tail and then use that to make the top half maybe? Any ideas would be helpful!
Thanks, Marty

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Replace them

This response submitted by Frank Kotula on 6/4/01. ( )

Check out some catalogs you will find replacement fins. just cut off the damaged ones and epoxy in the new ones.

About the Dorsal

This response submitted by Headhanger on 6/5/01. ( )


To repair the Dorsal fin, cut out all the webbing between the dorsal spines and then remove the damaged spines. Where you removed the damaged spines, drill a small hole and insert a toothpick to replace the spine. If you soak the toothpick prior to insertion, you can slightly bend it to match the bend of the other spines. Once all damaged spines have been replaced, you can use fin backing tape or silkspan and attach it to the backside of the dorsal spines to mimick the webbing that you cut out. Use Tuff Fin to adhere the silkspan to the fin spines, this will also clear it out. Once dry, trim the silkspan to match the original webbing that you removed. Once trimmed, use apoxie sculpt to blend silkspan to spines and the back of the fish. Seal and paint. This process works really well if I have explained it thoroughly enough. As for the tail, I dunno. Experiment and use your creativeness. Post your results here cuz I'd like to see how you repair it. Good luck


What i have done

This response submitted by Al on 6/5/01. ( )

in the past is back the entire tail with a peice of thin card board. Then using fiberglass(bondo) reproduce whats missing. The very edge of the card board I will apply some super glue to the open part and quickly squeeze the cardboard together. this way the
edge will be thinner.You will be surprised what you can create with this stuff and its pretty quick. Good luck

use artificial fins

This response submitted by jt on 6/7/01. ( )

they will look better in the end and they are easier than trying to mold or sculpt a fin from bondo, epoxy, or fiberglass. trust me


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