Submitted by JO on 6/4/01. ( )

whats the secret to mounting the thin-skinned brook trout. I tried
one but it teared when i was fleshing it.

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Proper tools

This response submitted by Doug on 6/4/01. ( )

I do a lot of brookies. If the skin tears while you are fleshing it I think you might be a little "rough" or not using the proper tools for the job. Rather than "drag" the loop-type fleshing tool across the skin, I "shave" extra meat off with a new tool designed by Paul Borkowski and Matt Thompson. There is one style for "skinning" and another one for getting into the tail juncture. They are both high quality tools that have made skinning (especially in the tail juncture) much easier than before. They are designed to separate the skin from the meat, and if held properly, it's almost impossible to cut or tear the skin. Your trout should be on a flat and smooth surface.I have a stainless workbench top, and lay out plastic coated "butcher" paper on it. You need to skin and flesh on a "lump-free" surface. Take care while skinning to get the skin as meat-free as possible. This will mean less fleshing. I also have a plastic "butter cup" of borax handy. Those little pot-lickers are slippery, but sprinkling on borax will give you a "no-slip grip" on the
Good luck!

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