Looking for artificial insects

Submitted by Kevin on 6/4/01. ( )

I'm doing a brown trout for competion and I'd like to enhance the mount be adding some aquatics nymphs to the driftwood. Does anyone know where I can obtain anything like this?

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This response submitted by gordon on 6/5/01. ( )

this will probably only help some. Breakthrough Magazine issue 60 Warren Young. How to use insects for habitat.... all I know.

Stonefly schucks

This response submitted by Blackwatertrading co. on 6/7/01. ( Blkwatertrading@aol.com )

This time of year the stoneflies are emerging from their casings. If you hike the banks of your local streams you should find casings stuck to the rocks-They look like live bugs when yo paint them!
Good Luck

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