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Submitted by Dave Toms on 6/8/01. ( )

I am looking for a band saw that has 12 to 15 inches of exposed blade. Most of what I can find will not handle large fish blanks (not enough blade, gaurds get in the way). Anyone know of where I can find one with 15 inches of exposed blade? Thanks

Dave Toms

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Buy a spacer!

This response submitted by JL on 6/8/01. ( )

Dave, I dont know which brand of bandsaw you have, but I have a Rockwell and they sell a spacer that will make your saw open to 16 inches.If you cant find one, you can make one from a piece of tube steel that is the same dimensions as the upright support for your saw.Dont raise the saw higher than the distance between the blade and the back support. Take a string and run it over the wheels and through the guides to find out how long the blade should be and have them made to fit. My blades are 105" long. Good luck.....JL

You don,t need that

This response submitted by Elmer on 6/8/01. ( )

Dave they don,t have fish that big in Montana. LOL


This response submitted by Dave Toms on 6/9/01. ( )

Now Elmer some of our fish are not too small (47 inch Pike). Truth of the matter is I am just tired of trying to cut 90 degrees straight through 10 - 18 inches of foam (depends on how much of a turn they want), I guess i am getting old?


try Grizzly

This response submitted by Steve on 6/10/01. ( )

Dave try Grizzly industrial. They have a wide variety of band saws at prices that I can't beleive. I have a friend that bought a table saw from them and I was very impressed with the quality. You will have to buy a spacer which they also sell. They are mail order only. Go to and look at their online catalog. There you can request a real catalog that is 1/2 inch thick and very colorful with anything a guy could want to complete any wood shop. One other thing you could do is look for an old meat saw and have blades made for it.
Good luck

Try Sears

This response submitted by Brent on 6/10/01. ( taxidermy@timbertiger,cc )


We have a Craftsman band saw carried by Sears. It does have a spacer that you have to buy extra. The blade lenght is 105 inches.

Most brands of bandsaw have the spacer option, check with the dealer you bought it from or look at the one available from Sears.

Good Luck,
Brent Thyssen
Timber Tiger TAxidermy

There are several

This response submitted by marty on 6/10/01. ( )

There are several brands out there that will do the job via the spacer (and don't forget you'll need the longer blade too). I'm not sure if they go all the way to 15" clearance but probably pretty close. Delta sells a good saw that'll run you about $700 with the spacer and longer blade. Home Depot sells a "Rigid" saw that also is a good saw and I think is a bit cheaper at about $600 with all the goodies. And lastly would be the Menards brand (Jet?). I'm not sure of the price but I think it was the cheapest. And, ironically the "Jet" rated the highest in several websites I checked out on the subject. I was unaware that Sears/Craftsman had a saw with the spacer but I suspect this would be the cheapest. Again, I'm not sure these will go to 15" - you're starting to get into the really expensive meat saws when you get into this table height. But these brands are worth checking out as they may do the job for you...

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