Newtons SUpplies New ULTRA CLEAR COAT, great stuff!

Submitted by John C on 6/30/01. ( )

I have just finished several fish with this NEW STUFF, its great! Super! Looks like 50 coats from a can. Personally I have never seen a spray can that could do what I needed. This stuff does! I prefer to apply two coats and am done.

Here is how after all painting is done, shoot a coat of clear laq, to make sure this is how you want the fish to look. If it is mix the ULTRA CLEAR from Newtons Supply with about 15% xylol, I spray a light coat and it should look like orange peel, then is about 30 minute I wet it out with one nice wet coat, this method will let you stack up about 3-4 mils of clear let set over night. If you dont like your fish as heavyly glossed just ad more Xylol up to 25%.

With cans the highest percentage of solids you can get through a nozzle is 17-20%.

This stuff make your fish look wet! The first time through.

Also look for another great product coming soon from Steve at Newtons Supply, It will be a must have!

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OK JC I give

This response submitted by Dave Toms on 7/1/01. ( )

What is the new product that we should look for? Talk about sending a kid to the candy store with no money... we want detaisl



side note: still going to Colombus?

DAve and all others it is Ultra Clear from the guys a

This response submitted by John C on 7/1/01. ( )

Newton Supply, the same people that brings you the Worlds best hide paste.

New Ultra Clear is the best clear I have found, can be coated a second time ( dont know why we would) within 72 hours, after that it needs to be scuffed for adhesion.

I coated a bass from 1985, several other fish and it is a one coat clear, must be sprayed from a auto touch up gun at about 25 psi.

Be sure your fish has a couple of coat of clear laq. that have dried, for some reason this adds to the adhesion of the ULTRA CLEAR, you can spray it on up to 4 mils thick without any sagging.

Over the years I have seen many clears come and go, once you learn to us this one, you will never go back it is AWESOME. I even tried it on a repo and it looks wet, yes really wet just like it came out of the water! It also helps your shimmer and Iredecesnts to shine like they are suppose to.

The only thinner you need it about 15-20% Xylol once touch up gun cup will coat around 5-6 fish depending on size of course, I did 7, 3 each 5 lbs bass, 2each 1 lbs crappie, 1 each 3 lbs crappie and 1 each 2lbs bass.

Later today I will paint 2 trout and coat for delivery tomorrow ( yep once in a while I too have to pull a weekender), this stuff makes your fish look 100 times better.

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