selling fish mounts

Submitted by joe on 6/11/01. ( )

just wondering if anyone knows how you go about selling fish mounts over the internet i have some fish mounts a customer did'nt pick up and i'd like to sell them one is a walleye about 10 to 12 pounds about 30 inches long.

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The legalities?

This response submitted by Sid on 6/11/01. ( )

You might want to check the legalities of it all first. See what your State says about how much time and notice you need to give to the owners first. I see a lot of fish for sale on e-bay, and people are actually selling them. Good luck, but be careful not to get into a legal battle over them and get burnt in the process.

Sell Locally

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If you are truly interested in selling these fish, why not check with some of the local bait shops, specialty shops such as fly fishing, etc. I have had good luck with this as some people are just looking for a mount to complete an office or den. I have also gained a few new clients by keeping the mounts local.

Good Luck!

if you

This response submitted by michael s on 6/12/01. ( )

are in pennsylvania there is a procedure you have to go through before you can sell the customers mount. it is outlined in the taxidermy portion of the penna game commision law book. basically you have to send a certified registered letter return reciept requested to the customer notifing him/her of your intentions and giving them 30 days to respond with payment or other arrangments.
make sure you quote the law code in your letter, i did this with a customer who hadn't picked up his wild boar in over 10 months, i had my money (CASH ONLY) in three days after the letter was picked up.

good luck

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