Landlock Salmon

Submitted by Denny on 6/11/01. ( )

Well first i have been doing taxidermy for 10 years now the painting on all my fish come out very well.BUT i have always had a problem trying to get the mirror like silver back on my Landlock Salmon.Does anyone have a good idea on how to get this real shinny silver back on these fish.My salmon come out good but i really would like to get them a little better.Thank you.

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Did you ever try...

This response submitted by Al on 6/11/01. ( )

The paint sticks that WASCO sells? These things are a great aid in getting color just where you need it. Silver and chrome always seem to fade away some what once you are finished. They offer a wide selection of colors and they can be applied many different ways.On the gill cover I will just rub it on with my finger and on other areas I may apply it with a small artist brush. Granted on big salmon it may take you a while but the end results are well worth it.

Have You Tried Lifetone's Chrome Pearlescent?

This response submitted by Cecil Baird on 6/12/01. ( )


Although I believe it is only available in lacquer I get good results with Lifetone's Chrome Pearlescent.


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