white crappie or black

Submitted by chris on 6/15/01. ( )

i dont mean to sound stupid i just receaved a crappie to mount and i need to know the diferace between white and black crappie so i will know which paint schedule to use. thank you.

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This response submitted by ben on 6/15/01. ( taxi@cfl.rr.com )

the number of spines on the anal fin.

Number of spines on the Dorsal fin

This response submitted by * on 6/15/01. ( )

6 or less black 7 or more white

Sorry Ben "*" is correct.

This response submitted by Todd Buchanan on 6/15/01. ( trigger@indy.net )

Check out the spiny dorsal.


This response submitted by * on 6/15/01. ( )

I belive I got them backwards 7 or more is the black 6 or less is the white
sorry.Ref:Freshwater gamefish of north america.Avalible at wallmart for less than $20.00 good book .

Color Patterns

This response submitted by Greg on 6/15/01. ( )


The color patterns on a white crappie are usually more vertical with the patterns on a black being more irregular.


White crappie

This response submitted by CHUCK on 6/18/01. ( Chuckcnctaxi@aol.com )

White crappies are usually marked with a vertical bar pattern and black crappie are marked with an irregular or spotted pattern.


This response submitted by Cecil Baird on 6/20/01. ( )

After you've seen a few not only will the difference be as different as night and day, the white crappie has more length between the dorsal fin and end of head than the black crappie. That's why I question suppliers that supply one form for for both species.

Something that is not that uncommon in waters where both are found are intergrade hybrids. I have some in my area of northern Indiana. Fish culurists are also producing hybrids.



This response submitted by CHUCK on 6/24/01. ( )

Cecil,what do the hybrids look like? I live in NE Illinois and I mainly see Black crappies and a few nice whites .Are the hybrids closer in appearance to one or the other or are they completely differently marked?The difference between LM and SM bass with reference to the spotted bass come to mind.

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