How do I convert (fish) pounds to inches?

Submitted by Sandy on 6/18/01. ( )

We recently caught a Sailfish of about 90-100 pounds and wonder if someone can tell us how long - in inches - that would make it. Please! We want to get a replica made. Thanks!

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Pacific or Atlantic?

This response submitted by Cur on 6/18/01. ( )

Ten pounds is a lot of difference in a sailfish. You should probably contact New Wave or Archie Phillips about that. I am not sure how their blanks are measured, rather to caudal fork or to tail tip.
Check the Home pages and search under suppliers and contact a replica maker for their suggestions. I would think the Phillips #BL676 would be close, but don't quote me. They don't often get that big here on the Texas coast.

Sailfish repro

This response submitted by Lance McGivney on 6/21/01. ( )

Hi Sandy,

About this Sailfish, if it was a true 90-100 pounds, the fish would have to be at least 105 inches or better. Was it an Atlantic or Pacific Sailfish? If you do choose to order a repro, please go with New Wave over pretty much anyone else, definetly for Sailfish or any Billfish for that matter! I have done this in the past only to regret it later. And when doing a fish this size and this beautiful, you want the best. And I'm in no way putting any of the other suppliers down, but I 'm just speaking from experience with New Wave. Good luck, and let us know if you need any more help.

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