spray can glosses

Submitted by Joel on 6/18/01. ( )

I know there are alot of different ones, but I only do a few fish a tear of my own. I use water base paints so which one should I try? any info would be appreciated. Thanks

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Super Fish Gloss

This response submitted by Headhanger on 6/18/01. ( gsc@crcom.net )


I also use waterbased paints for my fish work. An excellent spray can gloss is 'Gary Bowen's Super Fish Gloss' available through WASCO. About three coats and you're in business.


Or this

This response submitted by Doug on 6/18/01. ( )

I follow my wife into craft stores and get some nifty supplies for my business. I also use water based paints through my airbrush on fishes. I use an aerosol gloss(sold through most craft supply stores)..."triple thick glaze" by Accent. Krylon now sells the exact same spray. It really is EXTRA thick and self-leveling. Application of this stuff intensifies the colors beyond belief. When it's on sale, I buy it by the case. MMM-MMM-GOOD stuff...eh?


This response submitted by Joel on 6/18/01. ( )

Thanks for the suggestions Ill check them both out.

Folk Art...

This response submitted by Ken on 6/19/01. ( darville@sowega.net )

...carries a product called Hi-Shine...pink can in the craft section at Wal-Mart.
One flash coat and 2 heavy coats and your glowing!
The triple thick from accent that Doug mentioned is great stuff too but I
have been having trouble finding a local distributor. Maybe Michaels carries it.

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