Help with a trout

Submitted by Jack Parson on 6/19/01. ( )

I am getting ready to do my first trout. In the
Breakthrough Fish Taxidermy manual, it says to cut out
the inside of the head including the tougue and gills is
this necessary or can it be mounted like you would a bass?
Or would it be better to use an artifical head? Any
information appreciated. Thanks.

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Artificial Head

This response submitted by Cur on 6/20/01. ( )

Twenty hears ago, I would have had to go into a lengthy explaination about prepping the head and rebuilding all the shrink......Thank God for modern miracles.......there is no other sane way, unless you want to build character.......And run the risk of major dissappointment..

How Big

This response submitted by Elmer on 6/20/01. ( )

Trout have a lot of oil in them a small one about 10 to 16 inches you could go through the trouble of cleaning the head cavity out and you will get shrinkage to rebuil but a large one do as Cur says artifical head.

Cast fins too!

This response submitted by Big Al on 6/20/01. ( )

Cast your fins too.....a little silicone filled with hot glue......
Molds are reusable too for future trout!


This response submitted by Frank Kotula on 6/20/01. ( )

There's nothing like a cast head to use on trout no matter what size. I hate building out any head and even those small ones bleed. There just aren't to many taxidermist that can take a trout head and build it out the correct way and prevent bleed out. I have repaired way to many from other taxidermist that have used the real head. So my advise is to stay away from them.

If you check in the archives or search I have written on how to cast your own, check it out you nay want to learn on how to cast instead of buying them. Just a thought.

Darn it Elmer.....

This response submitted by Cur on 6/20/01. ( )

Dangnabit Elmer. Here in Texas murders have been committed over 16 inch trout. There ya go bragging about those monsters you got up there in the Wolverine State again......small? Hurmph! See ya in the Fall....keep one for here going nutz.

OK Bill

This response submitted by Elmer on 6/26/01. ( )

The skamanias are in Bill and out danged wheather. But the fall will bring the big boys. For a nominal fee I'll put one on Ice and keep it so we can take your picture with it.

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