Submitted by T.J. on 6/20/01. ( )

My shop is in my basement in the winter time it is very dry down there and in the summer time it is very cool and damp by any chance does anyone know if this will wreck the fish mounts that I have hanging down there? Thanks alot for your help!

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This response submitted by Frank Kotula on 6/20/01. ( basswtrout@aol.com )

Get one of these and use it. We can't be sure cause we don't know how damp it really gets.

Hello BRO!

This response submitted by Doug on 6/20/01. ( )

Well I'll be! I thought I was the only one who worked in a basement! I got a "Michigan basement." It's got fieldstone walls. The cement on the floor is so thin, when the ice goes out in the Spring ya can get the water to gurgle outta the holes in the floor. When it rains hard I can drop a bobber on the northeast corner of the floor and it will drop into the sump pump hole on the southwest corner of the floor in 15 seconds. I gotta wear a helmet to get to my bench for the floor joists are 5' 7" offa the floor and my noggin is 6'0" offa the same floor. It nice and dry in the winter, but DON'T LEAVE YOUR FISH DOWN THERE in the summer. Fungi like your fishy...EH?

Hey Doug!

This response submitted by Mark C on 6/21/01. ( srceight@i2k.com )

That's a funny post doug, ya know one of these day's you gotta stop being a yooper wanna be, and join the world down under where you live(the world down under the Mac bridge that is). Maybe you should dig that floor a little deeper. LOL

Troll to Troll

This response submitted by Doug on 6/21/01. ( )

Hey Mark,
Yep, I'm a troll for sure. Matter of fact, I even lower than that. I'm a BUCKEYE at heart. I just spend too dang much time in da UP wit dem Finns (dats da ones wit legs...not fins). I call the Big Mac bridge the "highway to heaven." Just got back last week, and leaving again in 2 weeks for 3 weeks.
I ain't doing no digging. The helmet does a good job. To dodge the joists I just hunker over every other day and LIMBO every day other. Works for me...EH?

Now you've done it

This response submitted by Elmer on 6/21/01. ( Go Blue )

Now you have given me a total different opinion, and I have someone else to kid when the blue Kicks those buckeye butts every fall.

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