Submitted by Chris on 6/21/01. ( )

I was just wondering if there are any problems I should know about when mounting a carp? Is there anything special you have to do to the head becuase it looks like it has a lot of fat around the mouth? Are they prone to bleed oil from the head like a trout head? I searched the forum and a lot of people say to cast a head for carp. Does anyone have information on how to do this? I have never cast my own fish head before. Any help would be appreciated.

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This response submitted by Frank Kotula on 6/21/01. ( )

I have written on how to do this. If you can't find it e-mail me.

Personally I would cast the whole fish.


This response submitted by CUR on 6/21/01. ( )

Frank is right. This has been covered in the forum in the past. Carp are large members of the minnow family and are not a simple fish to mount. It can be done, but the "Golden Bass" can drive beginners up a wall. Learn to cast a fish and save some gray hairs. Frank is the man.........better him than

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