customer satisfaction ?

Submitted by joe on 6/25/01. ( )

just venting my fustration ive had this guy who i worked with at flint MI brung me a steelhead he wanted mounted the guys a real cheapie always looking for a deal.while he brought me fish in the past and realy liked my walleye mounts plus turned some customers onto me, he gets pretty annyoing.when he dropped the steelie off he told me the fish was 32 in. but he wanted me to remeasure the fish because he didn't want to get taken on the $9 an in that i charge i measured the fish and it came to 31 1/2 in. he called wanted to know the measurement of the fish i told him every thing was all right on the the 32 seeing he's a pain in the a$$ he insisted on bringing me a photo of the fish how he wanted it painted. which i really don't mined it gives me a good refrence. what ido care about tho is the s.o.b calling me stone drunk telling me he dosen't like the fish ive got painted hanging on the the wall and don't paint the fish like that. ive tried telling him that the fish hanging on the wall was a king and not a steelie .in the meantime he brought over a picture of the fish and wanted to measure his fish that i've already had mounted and was just drying the meantime i took $10 off the bill just to satisfiy him. the fish turn out great. and i hope i never see him again. just wondering what all you experts would do with a customer like that if he comes back agin which i know he will.

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I would

This response submitted by Paul B on 6/25/01. ( )

charge him an extra $20.00 to make up for the $10.00 you discounted his last fish, plus an extra $10.00 for the trouble.


Depends on how hungry you are

This response submitted by Scott on 6/25/01. ( )

I'd have to be awful hungry to need a customer like this one.

Tell him to bark at the moon!

This response submitted by CUR on 6/25/01. ( )

You have already bent over farther than a Thai hooker. First of all, the price I charge ain't based on half inches. A 31 1/2 inch fish is a 32 inch fish in my studio. Secondly, abuse is not part of the service. Up your price to the sucker, and if he asks why, tell him it is a surcharge to relieve the pain in your a$$ he caused. You sound like the abused wife that complains about numerous beatings. I have no sympathy for them either. One beating should be sufficient grounds to get that %#%#%#$^%#$^&%$#@#$@ out of yer life.

I deal with this

This response submitted by Al on 6/25/01. ( )

one way and one way only.... kill him with kindness! Yep I know you are saying come on now...but it really works! Spread it on real thick. You see you are already making it harder on yourself by saying the guy is a real pain. You need too get rid of that thinking and just treat it as a job you need to do. This may be tuff to do if you have another job.Your outlook on taxidermy is surley not like mine, but you asked the question. I am real particular when writing up receipts for customers like this. I ask alot of questions and demand a picture of exactly what they want. I write it up so there is no question what he wants and have him sign it. I always have the mount done in the quoted completion time I make dam sure they pay in my terms. If they want things just so ... I expect the same... It really is just mind games and getting to the same level as the person you are dealing with. treatit that way and you will have alot less stress.
good luck

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