Remounting a largemouth bass

Submitted by Kelly on 6/26/01. ( )

Ran into a small problem. Mounted a pedestal largemouth and now after 2 1/2 months the form has collasped causing a indentation in the side of my fish (don't know if the foam had a air pocket or not)
I'm looking for any advice on rehydrating the fish for a remount. Would fix it topically but not sure the root of the problem and don't want to run into this happening again
Any suggestion would be great
Thank you

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Sounds like a lot of work!

This response submitted by marty on 6/26/01. ( )

I can't imagine that the cause of the problem was the form collapsing. Most likely the skin wasn't snugged around the fish and this air pocket was there when you first mounted up the fish. And, through time it shrunk down to the body causing the indentation. (Or the form wasn't carved properly - or both) Check your fish in the future the first few days of drying just to make sure everything is "hunky-dory". It's easier to make adjustments after a day or two vs. two 1/2 months of drying.

Now, how to fix it. I have had success rehydrating parts of fish in water for a couple of days and then repositioning etc, but never a whole fish. Any meat that may be in there (and there is some) will most likely start to smell a bit too. I would NOT recommend rehydrating the fish unless it's your last resort. Depending on the severity of the dent and location why not just rebuild the area with epoxy and blend in? I would think this to be a whole heck of a lot less painless than breaking down your whole fish. Maybe somebody else has had good luck rehydrating whole fish and can enlighten us both. But in my experience, spending some follow-up time initially on fresh mounts and adjusting is the best preventitive medicine for these types of problems. Good Luck!

Listen to Marty

This response submitted by CUR on 6/26/01. ( )

An air pocket is unlikely in today's foams. Sounds to me as if you got a lacquer or polyester product onto the foam through a pin hole in the skin or through the seam while finishing. If the dent is deep, use two or three applications of All-Game or similar product to fill in. Detail a thin application on top, and repaint the area.

bass fix

This response submitted by BC on 6/27/01. ( )

i had something similar to that happen one time. i rehydrated the seam enough to open it up a little, and then drilled a hole all the way thru until it was into the collapsed area (without going thru the skin) then i used foam in a can and inserted the tube on the can into the hole that i drilled and filled the void with foam. use only a little foam because it expands a lot. allow some to flow back out so it will not overfill.

stupid question here

This response submitted by maxwell on 6/27/01. ( )

could he rehydrate this fish in alcohol?

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